"Jake Trotta just installed our in wall dog door yesterday, 9/24/2016, and did a great job. He did a great job and our oversize dog is loving being able to go in and out like the old days. Jake did a great job! "
- Paul V.S. - West Jordan, Utah
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Jake Trotta, Owner of Salt City Pet Doors

Great Location Options for Your New Pet Door

There are more options for your dog door installation than just your door. Salt City Pet Doors can help you choose the best location for your pet, home, and lifestyle.

When Your Door is Perfect for Your Pets – Get a Door Dog Door

Sometimes the best place for your dog to go in and out is your back door. If so, Salt City Pet Doors can install your dog door in all types of doors:

  • Wood Doors of all styles – flush, crossbuck, raised panel, solid or hollow core, etc.
  • Fiberglass Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • True French, Multi-Lite Doors with individual panes of glass

Since your dog is already accustomed to using your door to come and go, this can be easiest place to train your dog to use the pet door.

Would You Like Your Dog to Use a Different Area to Come and Go?

An area in your wall could be the best place for your pet to use as an entrance. Salt City Pet Doors can install an energy efficient dog door in every type of wall:

  • Frame with Siding or Stucco Exterior
  • True Brick
  • Stone or Brick Veneer
  • Masonry
  • Block
  • Interior Walls

Hale Pet Door Wall Dog Doors include a one-piece aluminum tunnel, flashing and raincap to ensure that your wall stays dry and intact. The carpet protects your pet’s paws from the metal and screws. Because the flaps are farther apart than in the door dog doors, the energy efficiency is greater – helping to minimize your energy bills.

Enjoy Fresh Air while Your Pets Enjoy Their Freedom

When you want to feel the breeze, your dogs can enjoy their liberty – coming and going as they please with a Screen Pet Door. The Hale Screen Dog Doors fit  most types of screen doors, screen rooms and even screen porches. Salt City Pet Doors can help you choose the right size for your pets and install it professionally.

When Only the Best will do for Your Home – In Glass Pet Doors

The In-Glass Dog Door is the unique creation of Bill Hale and the inspiration for the Hale Pet Door Company. Your existing glass is replaced with glass that has been cut for the pet door then tempered, and the pet door is installed. You keep the original glass, so this permanent dog door solution is completely reversible should you decide to move.

Temporary Pet Door Solutions

When you want your dog or cat door to be removable, Salt City Pet Doors offers window and sliding glass panel inserts. These pet door inserts are made specifically for your window or sliding patio door opening. Jake can help you choose the best model for your home and your pet, measure your opening for a great fit and install it for you.

Call Jake at 801-613-7387 (PETS) today to discuss A Great Pet Door for Your Great Pet!

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